A dried grape for every taste and purpose


The quality of Australian sultanas is world renowned. They have a soft texture, sweet taste and unique golden colour – perfect for snacking and baking.

Sultanas comprise several flavoursome varieties, including the more traditional Thompson Seedless along with Merbein Seedless, Selma Pete, and the newer Sunglo. Fruit is dried on the vine and sprayed with a natural drying oil around harvest time to fast track the process. This drying technique creates the sultana’s light base colour that can’t be found anywhere else.


Australian Sultanas are naturally preserved through sun-drying, are packed with vitamins & minerals and known for their quality worldwide.


“Sultanas are ideal for snacking & baking & should be stored in a dry, well ventilated area.”


Australian currants are deliciously sweet and tangy, making them ideal for snacking and cooking. Unique to Australia, Carina currants are high-quality, small, seedless black berries that are plumper and juicier than traditional varieties. This variety has been developed to deliver consistently high yields, which guarantees supply to the market every year.


Currants are usually the first grapes to be picked when the Australian grape harvest begins in late January/early February.


“Currants make for an easy snack & are versatile in both sweet & savoury cooking. They should be stored in a dry, well- ventilated area.”


Australian raisins are known for their sweet muscat flavour and can be enjoyed as a snack, part of a cheese platter, or used for baking.

The main varieties used in Australian raisin production are Lexia and Muscat Gordo Blanco. They are larger than other dried grape varieties and have a seed that is removed during processing.


Raisins are among the oldest-known fruits, having been enjoyed since ancient times. Their name derives from the Latin “racemus”, which means “a cluster of grapes or berries”.


“Raisins are the perfect addition to a cheese platter and are ideal for use in baking or as a simple and satisfying snack. They should be stored in a dry, well-ventilated area between 10-15°C.”


The Australian Sunmuscat is a seedless dried grape variety with a unique sweet and slightly tangy flavour. Its large berry size and amazing flavour offer an exciting new product that can be used as a baking ingredient or for snacking. Sunmuscats aren’t grown in any other part of the world. Fruit is dried on the vine under the Australian sun, using the same process as the sultana, which creates its distinct honey colour.


Sunmuscats are a highly fruitful and popular variety. Enjoy their zesty flavour.


“Sunmuscats can be added to a variety of meals, bakes, slices and bars, as well as enjoyed as a snack. They should be stored in a dry, well-ventilated area 10-15°C.”